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Martian bootcamp

4 Apr

Bodhidharma, like Bruce Lee be!
Body, dear me, bruised likely be!

For outer life this one don’t care,
but life for life its price can’t bare.

How to tell left from right,
when all that’s left is light?

So please conserve,
this life we serve.


Vampires, mirrors and love

12 Feb

Mirrors don’t lie, light never stops but vampires are blind to their own reflection.

One true smile feeds me for 5 days so why drain the joy out of people?

To Alexia LaFata: Do NOT text your ex.

12 Jun

Well I did call my ex, she is 3000 miles away:

– Can I talk to my son?

– No!

-Can I talk to my daughter?


– When can I call them?

– They are 18 and they told me they don’t want to talk to you.”

Before my daughter turned 18 the phone line would remain dead for hours or until I was forced to hang up, whcihever came first.

Yes Alexia, it is a slap in the face, yes it is humiliating and yes I will do it again as soon as I muster the courage or I wake-up from a nightmare that my children need me, whichever comes first.

For The Love Of GOD, Do Not Text Your Ex

Pirates or Corsaires?

1 Mar

The fox said I need no meter, you’ll see, production we’ll inch up, then he out sourced my job to a country that doesn’t mind the meter as long as it mills.

The fox said a dirty rat stole my contents, flealess and fast, making new business in forgotten part of the world, spinning new webs no one thought profitable.

I’ve got no money left, why should I give away my democracy?

Angry Pet Lovers

3 Feb

Red of the ears, marble of the face.

They sign yes with their heads and wag no with their tails.

They shake your hand warmly while their little teeths bite your calves off.

They sit at your table and say how honored while their little asses pee on your carpet.

Mean people love their angry pets.

The Roadside Crow

22 Jan

I dated a woman who hurt me and found it fun
When years later I asked her what was all the fun
she smiled at me and replied you fool you didn’t run.

The Crow