How to Lip Synch the Vampire in the Mirror

30 Dec

It’s called semiotics, short for reading the subtext of contents from the dissonant images that are laid. Here is an example from the Alfred Tarski Café.

Dior J’adore – “The Future Is Gold”

This video is gloomy. The main character meets no one, interacts with no one and when she reaches her final destination there still is no one in sight.

The gallery reminds me of a mausoleum, with the light bearers being the remnants of those who possibly didn’t make it to the top. The golden bust of a man with a black head in the foreground evokes austerity and judgement, a guardian or a judge. The skylight is round and flooded with sunlight, suggesting a mandala (a symbol of self realization), or a wheel (a symbol of endless repetition). The falling drape on which she climbs effortlessly, I associate with a serpent or life giving waterfall. The cupola reminds me both of a life giving vessel and a sacred mountain giving new birth.

Once through the skylight the woman who has now shed her feathers can only stay at the center of the cupola or walk off from the steep roof. The voice resolves the issue: “this is not heaven”, implying that the woman will not stay at the top forever. Her past future is now her present, “a memory, a dream and it is not a place to live”, meaning that her next step is to die.

My own summary of the subtext is therefore that the woman is told to walk away from her past and present to reach out for gold, that the only thing that matters is the gold that covers her and she herself counts for nothing; she is instructed to commit suicide (emotional or spiritual) and to rejoin the sepulcher in the gallery below now that she has played her role in an ever repeating human sacrifice.

The beauty of talking with symbols is that they speak directly to the unconscious minds of the viewers. Some vampires only want your money.



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